January 20, 2010

Short Memory There

Filed under: Uncategorized — polisnark @ 10:33 pm

Some progressives are offended that President Obama has been beset by “toxic rage” from a “monolithic opposition” to a degree more than “any president in memory”.

Apparently they are unable to remember waaaaaaaaay back to 2008 (“Bush lied, people died!” (chant repeatedly)).  Or 1993 (“Clinton killed Vince Foster! And he’s coming for our guns too!”).  Or 1982 (“Reagan’s gonna nuke us all!”).  Or 1979 (“Carter gave away Panama!”).  Or 1973 (“Nixon killed Kent State students studying quietly in the library!”). Or 1968 (“Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?!?!”)…


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